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Your customers under control - from A to...Z

Apart from the motivation and capabilties of your employees and technical equipment of your priniting operations, nothing is happening without 'the customer.' And he wants to feel like your first priority. With the Chroma Customer Realtionship Managment he can: It features a substantial marketing strategy that includes x,customer history and meeting logs. Additionally you are able to use included options for needs based customer address. That way you will not ever forget your client's secretaries' birthday.

The offer is all order's onset

Let's be honest: Most printing press customers are always incredibly busy - line producers because of the publishing houses, marketing executives because of their bosses and the agencies and because they believe they need to get all the work done themselves. That's why the creation of an offer has to be a prompt and precise business. No problem with Chroma: The automatic precalculation shortens the process time substantially. In a flash you are able to create complex offer alternatives for any number of configuration and circulation variants using the comfortable alternative calculator. The included price list manager enables you to produce bills that include detailed price lists for demanding publishing houses in a heartbeat - just by pressing one button. The standardized interface for financial accounting offers the option of posting the invoice immediately and showing the open entries. This way you manage all offers, calculations, orders, delivery notes and (collective) invoices in Chroma in an organized and clear manner, thus putting you in a position to have access to the status of a process at any given time. Of course you Chroma also offers an email function, a contact form for your website and online acess for your field service.

'Purchasing is half of the profit'... how an old saying goes. But what is the other half?
With the material logistics included in Chroma the printing assembly ensures the most important tasks of target quantity/reservation, order quantity calculation, as well as stockkeeping. You can access the material stock of the printing shop at any time. They can also be subdivided in minimum and maximum stock level and recorder level, reserved stock, open purchase quantity and (accessible) stock level and let's you keep track of all past and future material movements. If you are planing to acheive new goals like economisation by the means of reducing stock and storage space (just in time logistics) or connecting an automatic high rise rack, Chroma supports these endeavours with optimised stockpiling and stock removal solutions, as well as operating instructions.

'He who's alone can keep his calm...'

'no-one is there to do him harm', is a wisdom Wilhelm Busch shares with us. We think he is a little bit in the wrong - because your company can only be as good as your employees. And we want you to have enough time for them - for a motivating discussion, for constructive impulses, for some small talk during work. For everything else there is Chroma Berichtswesen: From personel accounting and gross pay calculation to the managment of time accounts until finally to the conclusive bookkeeeping. That is why in Chroma the gathered company information serves as a base for a continuous and systematic actual and target comparison and a subsequent deviation analysis. When processes like this are not taking place there is no way for correction, if need be. If there is,for example, an uneconomic production in the processing department, there is no way to work against it. The multitude of causes or the problem itself will not be realised.

As you like it - 'Customizing Chroma'

Another highlight are the individual possibilties for configuration that you can use to have our software match your company or even one certain employee. When generating different amount and work keys Chroma gives you much room for an individual and still causal assignment to cost units. For example the flexible planed cost calculation based on full, partial, marginal cost shows you which orders acheive a marginal return and which don't. The same is true for calculating the effective costs, that help to make the cost unit and production value calculation as well as the post calculation more transparent. It's up to you which information is of most value and is thus constantly updated or is, in an authorisation condect of a certain group of users, made available. This makes Chroma your personal Chroma.

Chroma printing shop information system for MS Windows

Chroma Module

Chroma offers a package of integrated application that cover the needs of medium-sized printing shops and entails a services that collects company and machine data online (CDA/MDA/PZA).

Chroma is Client server based and network-compatible. It supports the apllications of remote computer systems, e.g. for your flied's home office or for data tranfer between client and supplier.

Chroma supports:

Chroma components:

Server data bases

Relational data bases (SQL), Client server for ordering and managing printing jobs, adresses, material, costs and performance data.

Order managment:

Client or process oriented printing solutions for pre-print, roll and sheet print and bookbinding, consisting of included modules.

Calculation (target):

Taks schedules for the order calculation as work center costing (based on full, partial, marginal cost, including activity based costing) for books, cut flush binding, news papers, catalogues, magazines and other jobbing, including alternative calculations and a price list. Product versions and their distribution are considered.

Order calculation:

Post-calculation (actual) based on the gathered company data.

Materials management:

Assembly of order calculation of the gathered materials, including reservation, order bill and supplier order, stock receipt, withdrawal and accounting.


PC based email and FAX service with automatic access to your address data base, label module, business letters, data interface and SQL list module for your own lists and stats included in the shipment.

Options for Chroma and other Pragma software

Chroma Plan:

Electronic planning table for the production agenda (PPS), including accounts capacity planning and interfaces for order calculation (planned) and Pragma CDA/MDA (actual)
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Chroma CRM:

Function for customer relationship management (CRM), consisting of a CRM cockpit that contains reclamation management, campaigns and other functions concering market cultivation, including agenda and process management.

Document management:

Structured deposit and publication of documents created by Chroma and other applications.


Pragma CPES, a timed application for Windows

Chroma Lohn:

Wage type generation and gross wage calculation, including managment of time accounts, shifts and wage types.

Operations scheduling:

Optional managment and planing of personalised shift and work schedules, depending on accounts and employees, including spontaneous changes and demand planning

Forms ML:

Distrtibution of client information in other languages:

Desktop ML:

Personal setting of the language versions for the user.

Chroma Preisliste:

Managment of price lists for the budget. including the automatic generation of order related prices.

Pragma CDA:

Online company and machine data gathering (CDA/MDA), including signing up of employees.
(Arriving/ Leaving events)
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Chroma Logistik:

Complete solution for production and distribution logistics
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Chroma Web:

Web portral for customer relations
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Interfaces for production activity control system of other producers

JDF interface:

JDF server for the generation of JDF data from Chroma order data (debit) and data trasfer for production. Access/import of data gathered via the JDF interface for order calculation.

Other interfaces for other producers' activity control systems are available and can be distributed after further discussions.