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The consequent optimization for the printing shop - Chroma CDA


Online company and machine data acquisition (CDA, MDA) for every part of production in a medium-sized company, including function to log in employees at the budgetary unit (Arrives/ leaves events)

Applications with MS Windows:

About flies on the wall...

Everyone would like to be a fly on the wall in his own company sometimes: Having a look if a job is already done, what the 6-color is doing or if a order is already on its way in the truck or if it's still being processed. With Pragma's online company and machine data acquisition we guarantee you bird vision! The company data acquisition (CDA/ MDA/ PZA) can be acheived, by connceting it to the pre-stage work flow or to the standaridzed interfaces to the control center system or by connceting with the machines via JDF. Whether you want to control the schedule or want to know the status at a certain machine or want to be informed about the production logistics that is connceted to a driverless transport system (FTS) - in Chroma5 the concept of the networked printing press has been established. The automatic acquisition of order and production data allows complete tracking and guarantees the supervision of changes in production.

The options included in Chroma and Online-CDA for an analysis of effectiveness and costs offer you a profitable controll of all processes. If you need to take a closer look or need to see the big picture is your call from your command center Chroma.